The Power of Silent Wisdom: VOL 1-2
March 4, 2011

These two first years were amazing! It was easy to see during the last couple of days which I used to put together all this great wisdom of 7 issues. (I did not have time to correct the typos, but the messages are clear for you to see in spite of a few typos, I am sure of that!) Enjoy! I hope the issues are easier to read now.

Click here: The Power of Silent Wisdom 2009-10, it might take a while. There are 68 pages there.

Yours, Lea


PSW 1/2009
September 19, 2009

PSW Issue One 2009. ◄ Click on the link. (PDF) | The Power of Silent Wisdom Issue 1/2009 (1). English Edition. Happy reading! You can also watch a presentation video about the first issue of PSW at YouTube.

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